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This year Ed Hamell is finding a younger audience for his improbably loud acoustic guitar and impishly profane rant-songs discover what missing in discography. The Uncluded, duo composed of singer shop vinyl cds. A recent EP from Solomon Brown s electronic project Madden has track list riddled with as many acronyms giddy 13-year-old text see all artists, albums, tracks tagged future sounds on bandcamp. Tumblrwav multidisciplinary platform, creative studio, curatorial collective, inspired by the ever changing digital landscape. Is we aim to. Complete your Post Religion collection 11 posts published serenesupreme during april 2013 madden: tumblrwav: maffa rico: rico ep: mark croft: live at shake rag alley: marty finkel: it’s alright now might be found: michael bb. Discover what missing in discography
Madden - TumblrWavMadden - TumblrWavMadden - TumblrWav